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Professional Imaging and Matt Kloskowski

Today I visited a local photography event called Professional Imaging. It's a free event aimed at professional photographers in the Netherlands and worth a visit. There are a lot of photography products you can try and whole day long there are several workshops to follow. The keynote speaker at the Adobe booth was Matt Kloskowski.

If you don't know Matt, you're missing out on some great tutorials. Matt is one of the Photoshop Guys from Kelby Training and has published several books, videos and classes. He also runs the very useful site Lightroom Killer Tips.

Keynote by Matt Kloskowski

His keynote at the event was about compositing and selections in Photoshop. After a short introduction and some example images he went on to a live shoot on stage of a hockey girl. After taking some shots he loaded those images into Lightroom and selected one for editing.

He showed how to take two images, the girl on a grey studio background and a picture he took earlier of a playing field nearby, and put the girl into the field. To do this he used several techniques and utilised a lot of different Photoshop layers and selections. Great to see how to different photos and up being one good looking final image! Later that day Matt did another workshop on portrait retouching.

Matt Kloskowski and Elja Trum

After his workshops Matt signed his Layers book in the booth of a online bookstore. I couldn't resist to get a signed copy of his book, altough I already had a copy at home. He was kind enough to let me get a picture of the both of us too.

If you ever get the chance to attent to one of his workshops, I'd recommend to do so!

Elja Trum   About the author; Elja Trum
Elja Trum is founder of Photofacts and author of a Dutch book on black-and-white photography. In his daily life he is an e-business consultant with Directshop.
Elja uses Twitter, is married and father of Mika and Vera.
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